HCG is a natural hormone, which is produced in women, during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Though there are several forms of HCG such as injections, pellets, sprays and sublingual drops, Dr Simeons gave an assurance that dieter can survive on 500 calorie diet for the whole day without any hunger pangs if HCG injections are taken in appropriate manner. Regular intake of HCG hormone boosts the rate of metabolism and burn abnormal fat localized in different body parts such as buttocks, abdomen, stomach etc. Dieter can lose 1-2 pounds daily if he or she strictly follows Simeons’ Protocol.

Here are certain points which prove the effectiveness of HCG Injections and Oral HCG Drops

HCG Injections

  • There is a proper technique, which need to be considered while using the injections/shots. Simeons considered HCG injections safe for weight loss and termed it side effects free if the technique is followed properly.
  • HCG weight loss injections should be used with daily supervision of physician. But many people perform the activity at home without any supervision. As a result of this, some problem such as muscle cramps, body lumps, high blood pressure, bloods clotting etc arise while using HCG Injections.
  • There are certain things such as concentrated HCG Powder, Bacteriostatic water, syringes for mixing, needles, alcohol pads, and a sterile glass vial which are required before applying HCG weight loss injections.
  • Concentrated HCG Powder need to be used in appropriate quantity as per the prescription of doctor. It gets dissolved quickly when Bacteriostatic water comes in contact with it.
  • Everything needs to be sterilized and clean while mixing HCG Injections. The work area should be clean and bleached properly in order to avoid any infection.
  • Dieter should read the manuscript before applying HCG Injections at home. Any negligence can lead to serious disorder in the body.

Sublingual HCG Drops

Various people around the world are using HCG sublingual drops as it is safe and easy to use. HCG drops are homeopathic in nature and it is administered under the tongue without any supervision of medical expert. These diet drops are prepared in FDA approved lab settings after the series of rigorous dilution. There are three major ingredients in this weight loss drop such as Cell salts, b12 vitamin and HCG Hormones, which play a significant role in discarding extra pounds from the body. One need to follow HCG protocol strictly in order to get effective results from HCG weight loss drops. There are certain points which prove that HCG sublingual drops are better than Injections.

  • HCG drops are painless as it is administered under the tongue. As it is diluted, it get dissolved in blood quickly and gives instant result.
  • There is no need of mixing ingredients like HCG Injections.
  • HCG drops are side effects free as they are homeopathic in nature. It does not results in muscle cramps and body lumps unlike HCG injections.
  • An ideal HCG daily dosage is 10-15 drops thrice a day. There is no need of refrigeration in case of HCG drops as these weight loss drops can be kept in room temperature and it is easily portable as well.
  • Both men and women can use HCG drops. These diet drops can be used by anyone who is above the age of 16 years and has attained the puberty.

HCG drops has given obese people a big relief as they were earlier fed up searching the natural weight loss remedy. They have lost 1-2 pounds daily after following the HCG protocol strictly. One should give hcg drops a try if he or she is looking for permanent weight loss.